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Birkdale Studios is a respected family-run business based in Leyland, Lancashire, with an extensive operating history spanning nearly three decades. One of our original founders continues to be part of the company to this day.

Our journey began in April 1994 as a screen printing company under the name Jade Print & Engineering, based in Chorley, Lancashire. At that time, we also specialised in manufacturing screen printing machines, hence the inclusion of "Engineering" in our name.

In 1997, an exciting opportunity arose when we acquired Ashley Studios in Southport. We integrated Ashley Studios into the Jade Print & Engineering family, while also separating the engineering aspect of our business into a different company. At the same time, we moved to our then factory in Birkdale, Southport. Over the years since, we diversified our offerings to include textile printing and embroidery, expanding our reach into various sectors.

In 1999, we took over Wheatcroft Display, a Chorley-based company, further expanding our presence. We seamlessly integrated Wheatcroft Display into the Jade Print & Engineering family and relocated all operations to our Southport factory.

Recognising the growth and evolution of our business since its inception, we made the decision in 2003 to rebrand as Birkdale Studios. We felt that this new name better represented our diverse range of services and our journey beyond the confines of our initial specialisation.

In 2013, we bid farewell to our previous location in Southport and returned to our roots in Chorley, Lancashire. Embracing a spirit of progress, we recently relocated to our new and current home in Leyland, Lancashire in 2022. This move reflects our commitment to advancing our capabilities and providing a modern, streamlined ordering experience for our customers.

At Birkdale Studios, we humbly embrace our history and look forward to continuing to diversify, provide quality service, and offer dedication to our customers.

Birkdale Studios

What Customers Are Saying

Mike Dobson

Canna Media Services

We recently had some embroidery work done for one of our other companies; tee-shirts hoodies and a messenger bag. Wow, what an amazing job Birkdale did. Excellent service, excellent prices and most of all excellent quality!! Very Happy, thanks

Katia Campaniolo

Image Solutions UK

Absolutely brilliant in any way!! We have dealt with this company in different occasions and for years now and the only thing I can say is that they deserve even more than 5 stars!! Thanks for being the people you are!

Alexander Daniels

Had a couple of polos from here embroidered up with a logo. They were great to deal with, super friendly and answered all my questions. Was concerned with it only being a small order they might not be interested but this was not the case. Also prices are good as well, they even delivered them to me as I was local, can't ask for more.

Rachael Whiley

Thank you very much for the T-shirts. They are great. I would highly recommend Birkdale Studios as they offer a fast and friendly service and the quality of the finished product is brilliant